AOM | VLAIS can provide stable and reliable power for various sites like buildings, and adopt good sound absorbing material and piping system, to maximally reduce noise and guarantee people’s normal work and life.

Industry Characteristics

Gensets work as the standby power for the illumination, electric machines and elevators of offices, high buildings, residential area, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, post offices, and schools, etc. where low noise is required for people’s normal life and work.

Product Requirements

1. Working environment: the altitude is not higher than 1000 m; ambient environment temperature is -5℃~+40℃.

2. Noise requirement: low power range: (not higher than 500kW), the noise is required within 65~75dB(A)/7m; high power range:(above 500kW) noise is required within 75~90dB(A)/7m.

3. Safety measures: damp, water and dust proof.

4. PerformanceGuarantee: Stable operation and excellent sound proof function.

AOM | VLAIS Gensets’Advantages

1. Adopt world-famous engines and alternators with high reliability;

2. Prime generating sets can work continuously on load for 500 hours, withnon-fault time averaging at 2000-3000 hours, and fault restoration time averaging at 0.5 hour;

3. Intelligent monitoring, parallel and grid-connected technology realize the generating set power the most perfect black start seamless connection with city electricity.

4. Advanced weatherdust and sand proof design, marvelous spray coating technology and excellent tankenable generating sets to adapt to extremely hostile environment such as ultra-high and low temperature, high salt content and high humidity.

Tailored product designs and material selection can meet the requirements of various industries and fields.